Try the most advanced equipment for less than you might think. Rent and use best of breed only when needed.


Reserve and collect on the same day or book ahead smoothly. Set the time and location of collection that best suits your needs.


We work with the best insurance companies in the sector to cover your car from the start. For your peace of mind is also ours.


 Working with professionals in the same sector as you will give great advantages. If you have any questions, Mirage Digital Service will provide you with personalized advice.


Care of the equipment as if this it was yours and get a great reputation within the audiovisual community.






Generate profitability of the equipment is not in use. Register and then send to your product data. That amortises more quickly their gear.

  • Decide for yourself

You decide who can rent your equipment and when accepting requests. Set the time and the meeting point of your choice.


I rent secured with identification number, credit card and insurance coverage professional. In case of occurrence of any problems, we will be there to help solve it.


Mirage Digital Service also enjoyed getting to know local professionals like you. Help your tenant operating tips from the store if desired.


Meet with your landlord and make sure everything goes well. Complete rent for your money and be sure to leave your opinion for the community.







Do you offer insurance?

Yes, because we understand that to provide high quality service should include the provision of services including insurance is included .. With "XXXX" highly qualified insurance company in the sector we take responsibility for it to focus better its main objectives. In addition we are able to offer a type of fully customized insurance.


Can I use my own insurance?

Although we believe that our service and offers maximum performance, Yes, as long as we specify which insurers use policies and coverage limits are reviewed in order to verify in each case the corresponding rental request.


What buy insurance?

Contact us and we will give all the necessary information with a personalized service.


What kind of insurance do you offer?

We offer a range of flexible options. Contact us and we will give all the necessary information with a personalized service.






How are members selected?

Our goal is to build a united and trusted community of talented people. That's why personally reviewed all members. Also our goal is to have direct communication with all members that have recently joined Digital Mirage Service. Thus, we have a better understanding of the needs of our members and we see results in added value we bring to all the community


What is the verification of identity?


Identity verification is a quick and easy way to use DMS to verify the authenticity of each member and their identification, in order to prevent fraud and maintain our website healthy and sound. We check the driver's license, passport or other form of official identification. You will be asked to scan your valid identity through their web or mobile phone camera and everything will be done in minutes.


What do we do in DMS?

We intend to establish a community of trust with those audiovisual professionals who are willing to work, either by you or who need to work within the community. We want to help connect those who need any kind of support that they can offer.



Why is there an arbitration system (peer review)?

We know that the opinions and recommendations are one of the reasons that the world is moving in the right direction. Specifically, to keep DMS as a community of trust and transparent, all members are encouraged to leave impetuously a review of another Member after each transaction. Thus DMS available in both good and bad rating in order to provide useful information for all.





What kind of equipment you rent?


Our inventory by relying on the latest technological advances constantly growing. In this way we are able to offer the latest products on the market. Since low-energy light bulbs with LED technology, lights Daylite, material effects, camcorders up material videowall among others, are the many materials we provide.


How do I pay for the rented equipment?


As a tenant, just enter your credit card once. Once your profile and payment information is complete and safe, you are ready to rent. We take care of the rest.


As an owner, how do I get paid?


Once you receive your material and see for yourself that everything is correct, just click on the "complete" and the funds will be transferred directly to your bank account. Mirage Digital Service takes a fee to cover the costs of credit cards and transaction costs. You can be a recognized member in the audiovisual community and enjoy benefits such as discounts or a better position.



How do I find the material I need?


Through our website, you can use our search bar to easily find what they are looking for. In addition, our work makes things even easier and more intuitive, we also have a tool approximate location where you can view which computers are available. We strongly recommend the use of both features for quick and specific search advise. (No address, only the area where the equipment is displayed).


How I can stay?


Mirage Digital Service has a calendar tool where you can request the exact date you require. If the owner agrees with the dates, perform the processing of reservations, order for the transaction and fixed. Your team will wait.